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    Certified Company For Duct Cleaning & Repair Services In Geelong

    At Catalyst Duct Cleaning, you can find experts for top-notch duct cleaning Geelong services. We are a team of certified technicians who provide reliable, long-lasting results by freeing your air ducts and HVAC units from dust, debris, pollen, and other impurities. With our professional duct cleaning services, you can rest assured knowing your home air is free of contaminants and health risks associated with unclean air ducts.

    With years of industry experience and a team of skilled professionals, we strive to create a healthier and cleaner environment for you and your loved ones. From removing accumulated dust and allergens to addressing duct leaks and inefficiencies, our comprehensive services ensure your ventilation systems operate at their best, promoting a comfortable and safe living or working space.

    Experience the difference with Catalyst Duct Cleaning and breathe fresher air today in your Geelong homes.

    What Are The Results Of Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning?

    The goal of HVAC Duct cleaning is to improve air quality, reduce allergens and pollutants, and improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. It is typically recommended to have duct and vent cleaning done every 3-5 years, or more frequently if there are visible signs of buildup or if anyone in the home has allergies or respiratory issues. Here are some expected results of professional HVAC duct cleaning.

    • Ducts free from dust
    • No pests or insects in ducts
    • Removes the growing mold
    • Improved air quality
    • Fresh odour from ducts

    Our Ductwork Cleaning Process

    Inspection:- Before anything else, we will inspect all the air ducts and air vent to find out the condition of the ducts.

    Preparation:- After our inspection, we will start preparing to ensure the dust will not dirty the rest of your house.

    Pre-Vacuuming:- We will vacuum the air ducts and vent to get rid of the loose particles and get them ready for cleaning.

    Duct Cleaning:- A simple vacuum is not enough for proper cleaning, we will use a roto brush and other tools to clean the ducts.

    Air Sweep/Vacuum:- After the duct cleaning, air sweep is mandatory to remove all the airborne particles of the dust.

    Sanitisation:- Once the air sweep is completed, we will sanitise the air ducts to ensure all the bacterias are dead.

    Safety Check:- After sanitisation, we will run a safety check to ensure there is no damage to the ducts.

    Sealing The Ducts:- We will seal your ducts back as they were to ensure no rodents and pests can go inside the ducts.

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    Duct Cleaning Services We Offer in Geelong

    Cleaning different types of air ducts is not an easy job as it requires years of training and experience. Furthermore, it is not easy to clean different types of air ducts without proper equipment. At Catalyst Duct Cleaning, we have all the tools, methods and equipment required for every Duct Cleaning Geelong service.

    Best Choice For Home Duct Cleaning In Geelong

    Our cleaners have the necessary mastery to give Duct Cleaning Services to homeowners in Geelong. If you’re seeking the best choice for home duct cleaning in Geelong, look no further than Catalyst Duct Cleaning. With a proven track record of excellence, Catalyst Duct Cleaning is a trusted and reliable service provider dedicated to improving the indoor air quality of your home.

    1. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and extensive expertise in tackling even the most challenging duct cleaning tasks.
    2. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our comprehensive services ensure that every nook and cranny of your ductwork is thoroughly cleaned, removing dust, allergens, and debris that may have accumulated over time.
    3. With Catalyst Duct Cleaning, you can breathe easy, knowing that your home’s ventilation system is in the hands of the best in the industry.
    4. Experience cleaner air and a healthier living environment by choosing Catalyst Duct Cleaning for all your duct cleaning needs in Geelong.
    Commercial Duct Cleaning Service

    Why We Are Best In Geelong For Duct Cleaning Services?

    If you ask anyone for the best option regarding Duct Cleaning Geelong services, we often get referred. We are the best in this region for several reasons.

    Available During Weekends

    Experienced Cleaners Available During Weekends

    Same Day Duct Cleaning

    Same Day Duct Cleaning & Efficient Duct Cleaning

    Affordable Pricing

    Affordable Pricing & Fully Insured Service

    Certified Duct Cleaners

    Certified Duct Cleaners

    Free Quotation On Call

    Free Quotation On Call

    24x7Hrs Availability

    24x7Hrs Availability

    About Geelong

    Geelong city is located in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is the second-largest city in Victoria and serves as a major port and industrial hub. Geelong is situated on Corio Bay, approximately 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne, the state’s capital.

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    ““I phoned this firm because I was suspecting a dead mouse in my kitchen ducts. I could smell of a dead mouse. The team arrived, they discovered that the smell was coming whenever I turned on the kitchen duct. Your experts conducted a thorough check and found that the ducts contained a deceased mouse. So, the ducts were adequately cleaned by your staff. Even more, they cleaned and deodorized them.”


    “After years of neglecting our ducts, we decided to hire Catalyst Duct Cleaning for their services in Melbourne! Their team was professional, courteous, and efficient throughout the entire process. The before-and-after difference in the air quality of our home was astonishing. Thanks to their meticulous cleaning and repair work, we now breathe easier and enjoy a healthier living space. We highly recommend Catalyst Duct Cleaning to anyone looking for top-notch duct cleaning services.”


    “We recently had our ducts cleaned and repaired by Catalyst Duct Cleaning, and the results exceeded our expectations. From the moment they arrived, it was evident that they knew their stuff. The technicians were friendly, punctual, and worked diligently to ensure every inch of our ductwork was thoroughly cleaned and repaired. The improved airflow and reduced allergens have made a noticeable difference in our home’s comfort. Thank you, Catalyst Duct Cleaning, for delivering exceptional service!”



    No, we are typically available for duct cleaning in Geelong during our working hours. Our specialists are continually handling a wide range of duct cleaning demands in Geelong. We are available 24 hours for booking services.

    Our duct cleaning experts have gone through a legitimate training needed for this job. Moreover, they have proper license needed to operate in the duct cleaning industry.

    As per our specialists and our knowledge of long periods of involvement, we recommend cleaning every residential air ducts once or twice each year. Some ducts may be okay with cleaning them once in 3 to 5 years. Some commercial air ducts require cleaning more often. Check your ducts with our experts today to know if they require cleaning!
    Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service

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