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Air Conditioning Cleaning

Reliable Service for Air Conditioning Cleaning

Catalyst Duct Cleaning takes pleasure in providing a first-rate one-stop solution for all your duct cleaning service needs, including thorough air duct cleaning and Air conditioning cleaning along with its suburbs.

We are experts at effectively serving the demands of our customers by providing services that make sure you may relax at the perfect temperature and take pleasure in inhaling clean air. Advantages of our AC duct cleaning service:

  • We’ll restore maximum energy efficiency with our service.
  • It will help you get rid of unwanted bad odours.
  • We’ll stop the duct’s mould and fungal growth with our service.
  • It will boost the quality of the air inside.
  • We employ the latest technology and methods, which delivers outstanding results.
  • It will save you money and time.
  • Get emergency AC duct cleaning services 24×7 even on holidays.

Why is it important to clean your air conditioning ducts with professionals?

Your entire day is spent using AC ventilation systems, such as those used in your homes and workplaces. As a result, they are ideal environments for the growth of mould, mildew, bacteria, and other pollutants. An unwanted smell occurs when the air quality begins to deteriorate, which can cause breathing difficulties in people who have been exposed to it for some time.

Our expert Air Conditioning Cleaning team can clean indoor dust from the ducts, saving you the time and effort of constantly cleaning dust. Cleaning AC ducts is the best way to get rid of harmful materials, dust, mould spores, pet hair, bacteria, dead bugs, and other types of home dust.

Melbourne Nearby Locations Where We Serve

Catalyst Duct Cleaning is a worthy company you can hire for all kinds of ducts and vents cleaning services in Melbourne and its suburbs. We have our reach to all of these locations.


Procedures we follow for Air Condition Duct Cleaning 

  • The first step in cleaning an air handling unit or a fan coil unit is to seal the outlet registers to keep debris and dust in the duct, making the entire cleaning process simple. Our experts will clean up the dust and debris from the fan coil and air ducts.
  • Next, we will clean the Cooling and Heating Coils. They exist in the main area of AC units. To properly clean particular sections, it might be necessary to open some pieces.
  • Using an extraction machine to create a negative pressure, additional dirt particles are removed from each area of the duct. Our special technique for removing impurities from the exhaust air systems improves cleaning. 
  • After the cleaning process is finished, we’ll check to make sure your air conditioner is operating properly.

We are also the most renowned and expert Air Conditioning Cleaning company to offer you the best services. We are always available to help clients. Our online booking system is available 24/7.

Why Choose our Air Conditioning Cleaning services?

  • Our expert teams and cleaners are qualified to thoroughly examine HVAC systems and clear their blocked ductwork.
  • We always handle the duct cleaning for your air conditioner in the best possible manner.
  • We are available 24×7 even on holidays.
  • We are a licensed and certified company.
  • Our staff provides duct cleaning services with a commitment that will increase the lifespan of your AC. We have NADCA membership.
  • Our duct cleaning service is reasonably priced and fits within your budget.
  • We use the latest equipment for duct cleaning
  • To provide the services, our pros will always arrive at your location on time. Additionally, we can inform you of the damage.
  • Also, you can get our same-day prompt service.

Moreover, our experts can serve both residential and commercial sites. Because we believe that everyone has a right to a healthy atmosphere and environment, we do our very utmost to maintain your air conditioning. You can trust that the air quality in your indoor spaces will be better if you choose us for routine Air Conditioning Cleaning. We can take care of your cleaning needs for evaporative cooling system or regular air conditioning ducts.