Carbon Monoxide (CO2) Testing

Certified Carbon Monoxide Testing Inspectors 

A carbon monoxide test is performed to check or detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas in your home with the help of a portable, electric detector because it tells you about the amount of toxic gas inside your home. This can be measured in parts per million (ppm). That is why we suggest you hire Catalyst duct cleaning‘s Carbon Monoxide (CO2) Testing inspectors who provide completely different services from others because it is a very sensitive case and our inspectors detect even trace amounts of carbon monoxide. We have full authority to perform this testing work in order to prevent your family from a higher amount of this toxic gas. Hence, hire our certified inspectors as soon as possible.

 Carbon Monoxide Testing Service

Carbon Monoxide Testing System

The testing for carbon monoxide is very important because if undetected too much amount of carbon monoxide can cause a wide range of health issues and may even cause death. Carbon monoxide poisoning includes the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Chest pains
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Weakness

Our Carbon Monoxide (CO2) Testing professionals use mainly three instruments for the detection of Carbon monoxide which includes

  1. Ambient air-testers: These are the most common CO detectors which are inexpensive and they have an ambient air sensor and a digital readout of CO levels.
  2. Pump-driven analyzer: It can test flue air products and warm air streams as well as ambient air. This is also used for locating the device causing the CO leak. It is very expensive compared to an ambient air tester.
  3. Combustion analyzer:  In addition to the functions of the pump-driven analyzer and ambient air tester, it can also measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the air. It can also picture the ratio of gases in the fuels and helps in pinpointing the cause of CO leaks.

Hence, once you go through our testing systems, it will amaze you.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing Performed By Our Expert Officials

As our experts are very experienced and perform all the tests in very unique ways, they can be trusted for Carbon Monoxide Testing service at your home. They performed a number of tests which are given below:

  • Smoke Test: This test is performed to compare with a negative pressure environment. In this test, the maximum possible negative pressure is set up inside the building or your area and negative pressures are addressed when regenerated smoke is different from baseline conditions and then the place for CO leakage may be detected.
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide spillage: It is performed with the help of a CO tester which may be placed at all locations to detect the leakage or spillage point. After the detection of the leakage point, the reason for leakage may also be determined which is very important for the safety of our customers.

Thus, the tests performed by our officers are up to the mark and in compliance with federal regulations.


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How Engaging With Our Professional Testing Service Is Better For You? 

Testing for carbon monoxide assures you of not risking the health of your family and loved ones when they are living in your home because its presence may cause serious consequences. Our company is certified by National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). When you engage with our Carbon Monoxide (CO2)Testing professionals then it will become better for you than any other services due to the following reasons:

  • Better equipment: We have such necessary tools which are required for CO testing and also to detect the gas and from where it leaks. So, get us soon, if you want such a service.
  • Efficiency and safety: When the whole process is done by our professionals then it has more efficiency because our experts can easily detect the point of leakage very fastly and so, your safety is assured.
  • Savings: Instead of wasting your time, money and energy on solving the problem by yourself, it is the best option to hire our experts and then you will save more money and time due to our reasonable fees.
  • Necessary training, experience and expertise: When you avail of our services, it will give you the benefit of qualified experts who are having 20 years of experience and lots of expertise. Our officials are provided necessary training which can be automatically seen in our services.
  • Reliable results: With our services, you will get the job done and done well at the time which you want. You can fix an appointment with our officials and we will assure you of the timely service. 

Hence, you can rely on our team for the best and quick results. Therefore, avail of our services right now.